About Me

My name is Drake.
I’m 17, I’ll be 18 in March.
I’m a senior in High School.
I live in Michigan.
I’m complicated, I’m incomparable, I’m quiet, I’m creative, I’m gay;
I like to take one day at a time,
My friends and family are amazing, I couldn’t live without them.
I can’t hold a grudge, ever.
I laugh at stupid things, I like to dance when no one’s watching, and I make wishes on just about everything.
I’m a lover, not a fighter;
: D
I’m strong-minded, & stubborn,
I’m happy.
If you asked me what my plans were for the future; I’d have no idea.
I don’t make since half of the time, but I’d say I was “down-to-earth”.
I enjoy music, art, and ocasionally writing.


1 Comment

  1. gigisanchez said,

    Hi Drake,
    These are great pictures. I like what you wrote about yourself here and I’m into art and writing, too. Are you going to start your blog soon? … I was glad to see your avatar on my veggie thread (left you a note there but you can respond on my site if you want it to be private, or not respond at all -either way). I love that you’re 17 and a vegetarian -that’s so great. I did it when I was 23. You’re ahead of me by six years! 🙂

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